Getting Started

Set a time.

It can be like every Monday or Tuesday—or you can pick dates each month and get them on everybody’s calendar.

Everyone commits.

Otherwise, it’s just Some Of The Family Night.

Turn it off.

TVs, cell phones, PDAs, computers…

No heavy stuff.

No arguing, fighting, disciplining or putting anybody down.

Create a family fun jar.

Write all your ideas for themes for Family Night on strips of paper and put them in a large mason jar. Take turns randomly selecting a theme for the evening.Here are some we like:

Movie Night

  • Sure, you can rent a flick—but your local library has a nice selection, and they’re free.
  • Let’s go out to the lobby… Don’t forget the popcorn and maybe some Raisinettes® or Junior Mints®.

Classic Game Night

  • Revisit the games you played growing up: Monopoly®, Clue®, Battleship®, Parcheesi®, Sorry!®, Risk®…
  • Board games teach kids stuff like manners, taking turns and being a good sport.
  • Oh, and when they start to get antsy, throw down the Twister® mat.

Family Video & Picture Night

  • Watch old family videos and leaf through family photo albums.

Starry-Starry Night

  • Take a flashlight, some bug spray and a couple of blankets and go out and lay down under the night sky.
  • Watch for shooting stars. Talk about black holes, galaxies and the universe.
  • Serve Tang®, the drink of astronauts, or maybe just some hot chocolate with little marshmallows.

Story Night

  • Take the kids to the library to pick out books for story night.
  • Get into your pajamas and turn down the lights.
  • Curl up for a relaxing evening of reading aloud.

Karaoke Night

  • Turn your DVR into a karaoke machine with a home model karaoke mixer.
  • Set up a room for audience and singing space. Oh, and have plenty of beverages for thirsty vocalists.
  • Sing your lungs out.

Slumber Party Night

  • Get into your PJs.
  • Spread sleeping bags or blankets on the floor and let the whole family camp out for the night.
  • Play cards, watch movies, have a pillow fight, laugh a lot.

Good Deed Night

  • Come up with a service project that you can work on together: Make cards for sick kids. Put together packages for a serviceman or woman. Make dog biscuits for animal shelters.